When you need some professionals that are ready, willing and able to help you with your issue, Beasley's HCR is the business to contact. I texted Mr. Beasley on a Monday and told him my issue, and he said they were slammed for business this week, but would try to squeeze me in. On Thursday, he miraculously scheduled me in. Shout out to Chris, who solved the issue! He was kind and professional, and was in and out in less than 1/2 hour. You talk about happy! I wished I had known about them sooner, I was without air for almost 2 weeks, and all it took was 1/2 hour. Thank you Beasley's HCR

Antoinette P

These guys were amazing!! They are so friendly, super knowledgeable, trust worthy, and time efficient. I highly recommend them.

Dominque SpannDominque Spann

I was out of town in Missouri when my girlfriend called me saying our system stopped working. It was a Sunday. Google searched HCAC repair companies while driving home to find someone to fix it so I don't have a freezing cold house. The big wig companies wanted an outrageous amount for a Sunday service call. Others wanted to talk for an hour and try to sign me up for BS. Got ahold of Beasley's and they immediately came out. Help us turn on our emergency heat. Contacted the company the unit was bought from, helped with the warranty stuff and got the parts and fixed it next day. Amazing company. Will contact them for any future HVAC issues.

Nick Millman

I would recommend Mr. Mike Beasley to anyone who needs HVAC services. This company is prompt, professional and Mr. Beasley is a man of his word.
There was an issue with locating a part needed and he kept me informed of the status throughout the whole process. Once the part came in, he phoned to advise that he couldn't get to me that afternoon but would be here early the next day and true to his word he was here and unit was working in less than 30 mins.
It's good to know that there are still companies out there that provide good customer service and this company is one of them.

Dawn Murphy

These guys came in today and completely cleaned up the mess that our rental company made with our HVAC system. They were quick, responsive, and on-top of the entire system setup. We lost ac a week ago and after 3 visits by our rental company techs, the rental company finally called Beasley to make it right - and they did! I'd recommend these guys to anyone! Thank you for helping get our ac back up and running, in no time!

Michael Cook

I found Mike Beasley about 6 years ago when my service tech retired with no one to take over his business. Mike and his crews have done excellent work maintaining and repairing our HVAC. Mike has technical expertise and is always up front about explainig what is wrong and options. I recently (01/12/2022) had him reaplce our heat pump package unit. Mike provided detailed estimates and got the job done as promised for the price quoted. He registered the unit and provided us the documentation. The install was top quality workmanship. Great HVAC service company and great folks to work with.

Brad Heck

We called Mr. Beasley at 7 am on a Saturday morning when our heat when out in freezing temperatures. He arrived in great timing and was so friendly and helpful! He went above and beyond just fixing the issue by addressing other concerns with our furnace. He went into great detail and informed us upfront of the cost. I am normally not one to write reviews but Mr. Beasley definitely deserves one. We are so appreciative of his customer service and abilities! He is by far the best we've worked with!!

Savana Mezquiriz

I wish I could give more than 5 stars! Definitely a great company! We had no heat this morning and they were called to come out to assist. Very fast to respond and once he did what he could I got a call with an update. Professional, friendly and informative. I will keep this company in mind for future use and recommend them to anyone needing heating, air and refrigeration services. Thanks Beasley's!

marcia griffin

What an amazing company. From the first call I made to have them come and provide an estimate, to them ordering the product needed, and scheduling the install, the whole process was made extremely easy. Excellent communication, and awesome staff. During the installation the continually let me know what they were doing, and made sure to leave everything just as they found it. There is no doubt in my mind that I will use them for all my HVAC needs.

john ware

Was on time and very informative. Got my unit back up and running in an hour. Will defiantly use in the future!

Zach Calvert

I want to thank and complement Beasley's. They work with my landlord Progress and Michael came out this morning after I reported my heart out late last night. I have an old unit and he couldn't truly fix it because it is old and he didn't have the parts. He was able to get it working to get by until the parts come in and I was pleasantly surprised to come in to a warm house tonight. Thank you Michael!!

Carol Ann Hudson

They provided excellent services on set up our new AC system. The price is very good. They are professional and patient and answered our questions in details. We will definitely recomend it to our friends.

Nancy PZ

We have used Beasley's for over 20 years and have had excellent service and repairs. We have them come annually and clean and service our three units and a few times in all those years we have had them make repairs and in one case 12 years ago install a new 5 ton in my hobby shop. Yesterday one of our home units had acted up and I called Mike and told him "no rush", but he called this morning and was here by noon. Not only was the main HVAC leaking foul smells into our house, but he found that the Heat Pump blower motor had quit working. We wondered why the upstairs seemed cool for a while. He replaced a fan in the heat pump and the burner unit in the HVAC. Interesting that while the stainless steel burners were fine (as expected) but the unit rusted the galvanized housing and cracked, letting exhaust fumes in. Good thing we have CO detectors. Once we find a great repair site we keep them and tell others and Beasley's is great.

Russell Barnes

I can't say enough good things about Beasley's Heating, Cooling, and Refrigeration. Called Mike last night and told him we needed help. Two outlets in the den were out. He came the next day and those outlets today had electricity. We had an outlet that was feeding those 2 outlets that he checked and it sparked. We he removed the outlet wires were melted and the plastic had melted. He takes pride in his work. Was on time finished the job in record time and gave us a fair price. Mike Beasley is a General Contractor through the state of Tennessee. He is also a Master Electrician, Master HVAC, & Residential, Commercial & Industrial Builder. Beasley's Heating, Cooling & Refrigeration Inc. has been proudly serving Murfreesboro and the surrounding areas for over 26 years.

seeq Qmin

Our heat went out during a cold spell and the part that we needed was under warranty, but the manufacturer said it would take 3-5 weeks to get the part in. Mike was able to find the part elsewhere and installed it the next day. I highly recommend Beasley Heating Cooling and Refrigeration!

Justin Ward

We had a strong burning electrical smell in our house, called the fire department, they said it was our HVAC, called Beasley's to come out. The guy that came out said it wasn't our HVAC but he thought it was our refrigerator. That guy probably saved my home (if not my life) in that moment. Our refrigerator had caught on fire and was still smoldering while i was at work that day. New fridge and 1 week later, that tech called to check on my family. That speaks volumes for this company in my opinion. Thank you for EVERYTHING!

Mallory Weidie

I have several properties and whenever one needs servicing, I always call Mike. Most recently was during the holidays. I called on a Sunday evening and he went right over the next day. My renters were VERY HAPPY!

Gary Reid

Despite being super busy because of the unseasonably cold weather, Beasley's replaced my old unit quickly. I only needed to be home for the ten minutes it took to replace the thermostat in the house. Fast and affordable.

Willie McGhee